Ever wondered why some people find themselves struggling for every thing in their lives, Be it Money, Success, Love, Relationships or finding Fulfilment. And Some, on the other hand, just seem to sail through and attract whatever they want quite easily?

Why are your struggles not giving you results even though it feels like you are trying harder than everyone around!


When your chosen path in life is not aligned with your Soul's Blueprint, it's much like swimming against the current, and hence it feels like a struggle every step of the way, with obstacles, disruptions, bad timings, missed opportunities occurring all the time, sometimes it even feels like you are banging against an invisible wall and everything seems to be working against you.
But when you are following your Soul's Blueprint, then only 'Efforts' are needed, not 'Struggle'. And the Universe actually helps you along your way.

SOUL RE-ALIGNMENT is program to find out your Soul's Original Blueprint, Your Natural Gifts, Your Dominant Energy Centers, as well as Your Blocks & Restrictions by accessing your AKASHIC RECORDS, And Consciously Re-aligning Your Life, Your Career, Your Choices with it. In order to Manifest your Deepest Desires and Live your Divinity through your Human Experience in this 3 Dimensional world.

How does it work

Very often we forget what we came here to experience in this 3rd Dimensional world and end up doing all sorts of things, that don’t suit our human experience. You can try a 100 self improvement courses and improve your skill sets, it will still feel like banging your head against an invisible wall with all kinds of obstacles, obstructions and restrictions. You can change your house, move cities or countries, redesign your home or office as per vastu or feng shui, but if you are not following your Soul’s blueprint, at origination, then everything will be a struggle. No real change will take place, and your old patterns will keep jeopardising your success.
Arrshie Singh is a Certified Soul Re-alignment Practitioner and an ICF approved Business & Life Coach. She can tell you what your soul’s original blue print is, at origination. What you chose to do in the 3rd dimensional worlds, before you embarked on your journey here on earth.
As a Soul Re-Alignment Practitioner she can tell you, what career path is aligned to your Soul’s Blue print. Only 2 out of 10 times will people succeed, without following their soul’ blue print and that too with a lot of unnecessary struggle. Following your Soul’s Blue print means, becoming aware of your divine gifts, that can be used to make abundance.
Along with your natural gifts she will also tell you about all your blocks and restrictions, that you have created from this and previous lifetimes. What is causing the blocks and restrictions which in turn block the flow of your vital force energy, preventing you from enjoying your present human experience, and making you feel exhausted.
She does this by accessing your Akashic Records with your permission. After your reading is done, she will then take an hour to explain her findings. It’s only when you become aware of your limitations, can you change them. Similarly, after becoming aware of your blocks, restrictions and running patterns, you can change them. She will then initiate the process for your 'Clearing Work', where you will get a 21 days clearing assignment that you will have to repeat daily. Missing even a day would mean, starting all over again.

SOUL Realignment

How deos a Soul Re-alignment Reading
help you

Your Soul's Blueprint at Origination

Know Your Soul's Original Blueprint as it was at 'Origination', the way the Creator meant you to Be, Live and Thrive

Your Soul's Natural Gifts

Know Your Soul's Dominant Energy Centers and Natural Gifts, the Career and Life choices that will Naturally bring you Success and Prosperity

Your Blocks, Restrictions & Patterns

that you're still carrying, Past choices of this and previous births that are still attached and are limiting you today to Live to your Maximum Potential

How to Clear Off Past Baggage

Clear off Negative Imbalances, Imprints & Beliefs and Start Living Your Divinity with the help of the 'Clearing Work', RESET Your Soul's Akashic Records, Your Past Baggage and Start a New EMPOWERED Life

We are the Powerful Creators of our Experience. There is no such thing as Destiny. We chose our Parents, our Work and our Entire Life Experience. There are programs running in our Soul's memory system, Life time after life time, without our awareness of how we created them. Abdicating our responsibility to another causes our free will to Cease. With Responsibility Comes Power. With Power Comes Responsibility. Being a victim is just one way of abdicating our free will.

Arrshie Singh

Soul-realignment Programs


The programs offered below are beyond Astrology, Tarot Card Readings, Reiki, Energy work, etc. I work on the Soul level. What I do and what I offer is Priceless.
The charges are meant to be an Even and Equal Exchange of Energy to make our interactions debt-free and out of free will.

Client Experiences

The reading gave me a deeper insight into my fears emotions thoughts and overall life situations.......it was an awesome experience... accurate and resonated with me at all levels.......has truly helped me shift my thoughts to a new level...so thankful to you.....lots of love.....god bless you....

Sudha Chebium

Sudha Chebium

Animal Communicator

Knowing the reason why certain things happen in certain ways surely help in accepting situations n help us to break pattern n take healthier decisions. Feel blessed by the universe to have found u to reveal such deep insights. Feels lighter n relieving. Looking forward to the clearing prayer.

Dr Ami Bhatia

Dr Ami Bhatia


I felt that my reading was meaningful because the issues which i face in my day to day life are quite related to the blocks and restrictions mentioned in the reading. As these blocks and restrictions where created by me knowingly or unknowingly, I understand that it's only me who has to work towards a conscious change in this 3D world in order to overcome them with strong, clear and positive intentions and actions.

Sunny Madhrani

Sunny Madhrani


At first I was a bit skeptical, but as I started hearing the answers and the reasons from Arrshie, i felt a sense of astonishment... The accuracy and the timing of the answers shocked, even Startled me. right from the description of my negative guides to the supposed vows of lack and suffering I've apparently taken in past birth... fit so damn well in my life picture that everything in my life story suddenly started falling in place for me. It was like seeing a giant jigsaw puzzle or a game of tetris with pieces of answers falling and fitting perfectly to form a bigger picture. My experience with Arrshie was extremely rewarding and enlightening. Not to mention the precious time and energy that will not go to waste now lifetime after lifetime trying to get my soul's journey and blueprint right. My deepest gratitude to Arrshie and the Universe for allowing me access to this source of universal knowledge. Many Thanks!!

Sean Singh

Sean Singh

IT Consultant

Arrshie was accurate in so many areas of my life, with explanations so clear and relevant to most situations i’m Currently facing, I have been aware of, but did not understand the connections. This reading has really helped in clearing so many questions and doubts, that I can already feel and see the clarity with which I can moved forward in my decisions and take control of situations, that we’re beyond my understanding. Thank you so much Arrshie, May you excel to the highest level and help a lot more people in getting clarity on life with their energy.

Neha Thadani

Neha Thadani

Hair Stylist

I honestly don’t believe in life after death, so the part about me being a woman in a past life, etc made me question the accuracy but, because there are so many things you said are so correct that, it’s eerie. So I am going to keep an open mind about life after death, as you are correct about almost everything else.

Awesome, I am truly impressed. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family members.

Kabbir Luthria

Kabbir Luthria

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